What you will learn in this course:

By Brandon Joffe, LCSW

Managing our anger responses can feel difficult if not impossible at times for some of us. In this course you will learn to change your anger response in the long run. We don’t teach deep breathing and counting to 10. We will help you find ways to find more happiness in the long run regardless of your emotions. We will help you figure out what works and what doesn’t.
This course is designed for long-term change. You will explore your own patterns and beahviors in a way that will help you change your future.  There are no quick fixes, but if you put in the work you will find more happiness in the long run.
    1. Who Belongs in Anger Management

    2. Who Belongs in Anger Management?

    3. Do you belong in anger management?

    1. What is Anger Management and why do most programs fail to help?

    2. What is anger management and why do programs fail?

    1. What kind of programs and help are out there?

    2. What help is out there?

    1. Not all anger is the same!

    2. Not all anger is the same!

    3. What types of anger do you have?

    1. Seeking happiness instead of fairness, justice, and equality.

    2. Seeking happiness instead of fairness, justice, and equality.

    3. Seeking happiness instead of fairness, justice, and equality.

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LCSW, Therapist / Supervisor Brandon Joffe

As the founder of Inspired Resolutions my goal is to provide more effective and consistent services for teens, families, and marriages. Over 18 years ago I began as an addiction counselor at the Substance Abuse Foundation. Realizing how addiction and substance abuse was plaguing our youth I joined with "Shields for Families" working with the middle and high school population in Compton. I had the opportunity to work with entire families struggling with incredibly difficult circumstances through the school and in their homes. In 2007 I became a Drug Court therapist for the Central Justice Center providing individual and group therapy in court on a collaborative team including Probation, a Central Judge, a D.A assistant, a Public Defender, and other legal staff. In 2010 I entered into private practice and became a part of the group CIFT. As a therapist with CIFT I joined with the local churches and schools in the Brea, Anaheim Hills, and Placentia communities working to help adolescents and their parents struggling in today's difficult environment. I am one of the few therapists that has integrated my passion, experience, and understanding of mental health with my passion for nutrition and physical health. My dedication and integration of fitness and nutrition allows clients to identify more complete mental health and life goals. I have found that clients are most successful when they integrate mental, physical, and spiritual aspects to therapy. With Inspired Resolutions I am dedicated to finding the most effective strategies in helping families and setting teens up for success. I am currently proud to be a part of the With Hope Foundation, a non-profit committed to teaching and understanding teen suicide in schools. I have also partnered with Servite High School in helping any of their students who are struggling with school, family, or social situations.